ECC Reviews


I love it! I’m happy I could continue the classes with you! I love how happy and confident you two are😍 Robert is very funny, and Gabi is very calm and lovely. I’m so happy that I met you, and I hope that we can see you again next year!🥰You are the Teachers that every kid needs!💖I love you, and happy Christmas and New Year!💞


It is an exciting way to practice English, and become better at speaking in English The teachers are a funny British man, and a nice Romanian lady. It is awesome!


Hi I wanted to say that you are my bff’s (adult version) and the Summer Camp 2021 looks EPIC. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


This is the best thing ever!!!!

Claudia ❤

In sfarsit, din nou la The English Conversation Club, cu minunatii Gabriela si Robert, o zi pe care o asteapta de ceva vreme pentru ca nu e doar despre engleza, ci despre construit relatii faine, cu respect si incredere in sine, alaturi de alti mici amatori de conversatie, povesti si jocuri 🙂 Multumim, Gabi, sunteti absolut grozavi!!

Thank You ❤

Simona: 🥰Mulțumim din suflet pentru tot. Și noi, părinții va multumim pentru înțelegere iar pentru Tudor orele de conversație erau o adevărată bucurie. Ne înclinam pentru o asa performanta în lucrul cu copiii! 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

Multumim ❤

Simona: 🥰Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. And we, the parents, thank you for your care and understanding. For Tudor the conversation hours are a real joy. We bow in front of such a performance in working with children! 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

Multumim ❤

Petro: Salut tuturor! Fiica mea, I, va continua alaturi de voi mult timp de aici inainte. Mai rar asa entuziasm din partea ei pentru/la un curs. Multumim Gabi si Robert! ❤️

A Happy Place ❤

Alexandra (10 yrs): English Conversation Club is a happy place for children. I like ECC because I can speak a lot in English and I learn a lot of new things. Gabi and Robert are our friends and they have got a "factory of smile "! ❤️

ECC I Love It ❤

Alexia (13 yrs): I love it, it's amazing, I get to talk freely, express my thoughts and feelings and I really enjoy that. Robert and Gabi are great teachers, they understand us and teach us like no one else. I love English Conversation Club. ❤️

It's Great ❤

Daria (13 yrs): I love to be at the English Conversation Club. It's great to talk with my classmates in English. Can't wait to see Robert and Gabi next time ❤️

An Amazing Club ❤

Mara (13 yrs): It is an amazing club , with cool people and it's a great way of learning English. I just love it because of its good vibe and the feeling that I will just be speaking English with friends after school and we will be discussing lots of interesting things. I'm feeling proud that I am a part of this group ❤️

I love it !!! ❤

Gloria (13 yrs): What I liked most about the E.C.C. is the fact that I learnt to talk and have a conversation in English by playing word games and discussing some interesting and fun topics. In the final club session we all had 10 minutes in which we talked about anything we wanted. I love it !!! ❤

My Pleasure

Robert: It has been my absolute privilege and pleasure to teach, speak and spend time with the kids from all our schools and classes. Well done to everyone. It has been a joy to watch you all embrace English and become more comfortable and relaxed with every lesson. Plus, very well done to those who went on to pass the Cambridge exams. I'm proud of you.

It's Great !!

Matthew (12 yrs): E.C.C. is really good because it's fun and we all get to talk about really interesting stuff like, fast food, computers, sports, the internet, humour and lots of other things. We always finish every lesson with a game. It's great !!

Jokes !

Casandra (10 yrs): I like the English Club because we talk in English a lot and don't do lots of writing and it is really fun. I also like it because we tell jokes and play games too.

English Club

600 Lei

10 Sessions
1 Hour Session
Fun and Friendly
 Max 8 Per Group

KETfs Preparation Course

360 Lei

3 Sessions
2 Hours Session
2 Practice Tests
Max 4 Per Group

PETfs Preparation Course

360 Lei

3 Sessions
2 Hours Session
2 Practice Tests
Max 4 Per Group

Starters, Movers, Flyers

360 Lei

6 Sessions 
1 Hour Session
3 Practice tests 
 Max 4 Per Group  

Debate Club

240 Lei

4 Sessions 
1 Hour Session
Cool Debate Topics
 Max 6 Per Group